The Place still exists

Kuruvansh Kingdom (originally Kuru Kingdom) existed nearly about 5,000 (five thousand) years back, but the place which was known as Hastinapur still exists. You may open then link above and find out the directions to Hastinapur. Hastinapur is situated between Meerut and Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh (a State of India). The NH-58 between Delhi and Meerut is a nightmare to drive.

It is still there and with lots of change. There is a Tourism place – JAIN MANDIR – located there along with many old temples and an archeological site which is under the excavation and research of Archeological Survey of India (ASI).

Pandava Temple (Location on Map: 29.154972N ,78.008593E) is the place where the Pandavas used to worship Lord Shiva (according to locals). Apart from Pandava Temple which has remains of “Shivling” of Pandavas times, there are many attractions and is a good place to explore.

About the Place

DISADVANTAGE: As you know that India is a developing country, so if you belong to a developed nation the place may seem to you as undeveloped and dusty. If you wanna enjoy it you must know its history and what it’s heritage speaks out! To reach the place safely you need a calm, careful and cheerful attitude, because of lots of people here (at times) you may get frustrated.

ADVANTAGE: You will come to know that still there are remains of an ancient Indian Kingdom which used to exist 5,000 (five thousand) years. And finally when a person explore the places there you are gonna enjoy it. It’s a excellent place for Photography, Tourism, Adventure and Exploration.


  • Carry a Gadget which could support Google Maps or similar.
  • Before exploring the place, explore the history of the place and Kingdom. If possible please read the full story of Mahabharata from Wikipedia, it gives short, precise and somewhat accurate information about Mahabharata and this place.

Here are some pics of Hastinapur

Shivling in Pandava Temple

Remains of the Shivling in the Pavdava Temple (Hastinapur)

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The Pandavas

The Pandavas carved in Walls of the Pandava Temple.

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Inside the Pandava Temple

Inside view of the Pandava Temple

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